28-29-30 OCTOBER -2022 SAVE THE DATE ! II Argentinean Tango Festival of Beira Baixa

Three days to enjoy “a puro abrazo
This event is the 2st Argentinean Tango Festival of Beira Baixa, in central Portugal, in a beautiful landscape between Lisbon and Madrid. The Festival brings together world-class reference artists and teachers and promotes the cultural exchange of experiences among people from around the world (Argentine, Portugal, Spain, France). We will enjoy and share 30 hours of Tango ! Classes and workshops , 4 milongas and 4 exhibitions ,TangoManso show ,3Djs and Live orchestra “La Ideal”. Bringing the best tango to the interior of the country to transmit the true spirit of what the tango essentially represents “Encounter”.
All in the center of Portugal
Enjoy to know the wonders of the interior!      

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